Webinar Participant Survey

The Family and Youth Law Center (FYLaw) is able to provide webinars through a generous grant from the Ohio Children's Trust Fund. However, we must be able to demonstrate the value of these webinars to people who attend.

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey. It will help us to both assess how we're doing, and allow us to continue providing these webinars in the future.


Sex: Male   Female  
* 1. What is the zip code where you live?
* 2. What day did you see this Webinar?

3. What kind of program are you attending, where you saw this webinar?

Hospital-based drug/alcohol treatment program
Residential drug/alcohol Treatment Program
Day Treatment drug/alcohol program
Outpatient drug/alcohol Treatment Program
Drug/Alcohol Diversion Program
Drug/Alcohol Education Program
Drug/Alcohol program Aftercare Services
Mental Health program with drug/alcohol services
* 4. What is the date that you began this program

5. Do you have an open case with a child protection agency (like JFS or Children Services)?

NO (continue with question 6)
YES (skip to question 8)
NOT SURE (continue with question 6)
* 6. How many children live in your household?
* 7. What is your relationship to those children? (Check all that apply): Birth Parent
Step Parent
Grandparent /Great Grandparent
Foster Parent
Adoptive Parent
Other Relative
* 8. List two things you learned from this webinar:
* 9. After seeing this webinar, are you: Less likely to finish this treatment program
More likely to finish this treatment program
Neither more nor less likely to finish this treatment program

If you would like a client to speak with a lawyer, to get some advice at no cost, call (614) 236-7236.


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