Staff Training/Webinar Participant Survey

The Family and Youth Law Center (FYLaw) is able to provide webinars through a generous grant from the Ohio Children's Trust Fund. However, we must be able to demonstrate the value of these webinars to people who attend.

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey. It will help us to both assess how we're doing, and allow us to continue providing these webinars in the future.


Participant Sex: Male   Female  
* What is the Facility where you work/saw this webinar?
* What day did you see this Webinar?
* The program where I work is a(n): Hospital-based drug/alcohol treatment program
Residential drug/alcohol Treatment Program
Day treatment drug/alcohol program
Outpatient drug/alcohol Treatment Program
Drug/Alcohol Diversion Program
Drug/Alcohol Education Program
Aftercare Services Program
Mental Health program with drug/alcohol services
* After seeing this webinar, do you think you are: More able to address this topic with clients in this treatment program
Less able to address this topic with clients in this treatment program
My abilities neither increased nor decreased by attending this webinar
List two things you learned from this webinar:

If you would like a client to speak with a lawyer, to get some advice at no cost, call (614) 236-7236.


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